Older Girl Scouts - Caddies

What is a Caddie?

A Caddie is a girl entering 7th grade or higher. (Girls entering 7th grade may choose to be a camper or a Caddie).  8th grade and above are Caddies. Caddies are placed in a Unit and will use their leadership skills to assist campers during the day.  This is a great way for girls to be able to share their knowledge and skills with the younger campers and have an opportunity to grow their leadership skills.

Assistant Caddies may also be placed in programming for a portion of camp.  This will allow them to gain skills in this area also.

Assistant Caddie

Girl entering 7th or 8th grade who has taken PAT I 

Caddie 1/2

Girl entering 8th or 9th grade who has already Caddied prior to this year

Senior Caddie

Girl entering 10th grade or above with at least 2 years prior Caddie experience

What training is required to be a Caddie?

PAT (Program Aide Training) 1: This training is for girls 6th grade and older who want to take on leadership responsibilities in Girl Scouts, especially at Twilight Camp. (This training is for girls that have completed their 6th grade year of school by June of 2021.) The girls will be trained on how to plan and lead safe, age appropriate activities for younger girls and how to be a positive role model for others.

PAT (Program Aide Training) 2: This training is for girls 8th grade and older who have completed PAT 1 training. (This training is for girls that have completed their 8th grade year of school by June of 2021.) The girls will continue their leadership training in understanding the different roles and activities at troop meetings, events, and camps. They will build on their communication skills and how to effectively work with people.

**There will also be a mandatory training for all Caddies that is usually held on the Sunday before camp.